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5 months and counting

Hello! The baby came. It was a little chaotic, but he made it safe and sound. Then the parents came (mine and husband’s.) More chaos, but also a lot of emotional holding/distraction that was very helpful. Then we bought a … Continue reading

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The second trimester ends.

It has been an interesting journey so far. If you recall, dear reader, the first thing I did after we received our diagnosis was to download a book called “Five Fingers Ten Toes” on Amazon and read it overnight. It … Continue reading

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Hello! I’m blogging again..

..and here’s why. Back in 2013 I stopped blogging- food was no longer all that interesting, and psychiatry was getting harder to write about. Offline life was getting more and more hectic- new job, new house, new child, and so … Continue reading

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Of guns

Newtown is half an hour away from here. When the shooting at Sandy Hook happened, I was at work. I could hear the clinicians talking about it in the hallway, and I started to Google for news. The details kept … Continue reading

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Election 2012

I read two articles in the newspapers today, one about Governor Romney’s 2011 tax returns and the other about a welfare mother. (Remaining cognizant of the fact that this is the NYT, a newspaper with a liberal bent.) It made … Continue reading

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Protected: Honesty

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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How it all went down. (II)

Omaha airport, day 0/7. The rental car is a Nissan Versa just like my first car. It makes me smile. I’m in Omaha a week before the exam day. My general psych graduation was more than a year ago, and … Continue reading

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