The biggest loser.

Or what happens when you lose weight and meet your desi* friends- the skinny ones.

*May apply to other nationalities as well.

1. OMG you’re dying of cancer.

You look so thin! What happened? Are you sick? Have another piece of pie! And some cake! You’re not eating! Oh, come now, I’m sure all you eat is salad. I’m so worried about you I’m going to add some extra butter to your curry.

2. You must be hiding something.

So, you’re continuing full stream with the exercise program, huh? Did you do anything else? Come, now, don’t be coy. (This, followed by a quick search of your surroundings for any incriminating evidence of your diet.) What’s this…oat bran? Is it a diet supplement? You use it in cookies? Hm.

3. I’m still skinnier than you, but if you keep going like this…OMG!

You want me to walk with you? But I just can’t keep up with exercise with all this stress, you know. Good thing you don’t have kids and have all the time in the world to exercise. So, how many hours do you spend the on the treadmill? Seems like you spend all the rest of your time in the kitchen.

4. Maybe if I knew..

So, how much weight did you lose? Yeah, but exactly how much? You must have lost more than twenty pounds, no? What are your measurements? What size pants do you wear? Is a 10 in Talbots like a 10 in Ann Taylor?

Time passes. You move out. Then you go back for a visit.

5. Oh NO! You haven’t gained it back!

Looks like you just keep on losing weight..have you had your thyroid checked? I guess losing weight suppresses your appetite. Buying new clothes is such a pain in the butt, isn’t it?

You may not have lost weight for them, but they sure make it feel so damn good.


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Psychiatrist, cook, bookworm, photographer. Not necessarily in that order.
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10 Responses to The biggest loser.

  1. jaklumen says:

    I want all of this post to apply to me.

    But it’s just not happening right now.

  2. Oh, I so love it when friends turn weight loss into a contest or an opportunity to point out all of your shortcomings. (“You might be thin, but you’re not as happy as I am, or rich or married or endowed with children….”)

    Like jaklumen, that’s not happening for me either. I’ve just gone through that next rite of passage, menopause, and no matter how much I diet or exercise, the pooch isn’t going away. My only comfort is that friends still say to me, “How do you do it? You look so trim FOR YOUR AGE.”

  3. zottavox says:

    I’m glad it feels good! Who are desi friends?

  4. phantomxii says:

    You had a massive tumor removed, didn’t you! DIDN’T YOU!!!

    Also, I second what jaklumen said. 😀

  5. *blush* that is why I am really working at losing that extra weight…. because my sister is losing her weight really fast. Hahah! I guess whatever motivates you, and CONGRATS! Sounds like you are working very hard! Great Job!

  6. Poonam says:

    agree with jaklumen.
    and on the days that i do manage to hit the gym a few pesky neighbors come by and keep repeating that my hubby and i gym a lot.
    so there is no way out from them, is there?

  7. Lakshmi says:

    This obsession, I think is more with Desi’s abroad. Back in Desh, no matter how obese you are, you have “lost weight”. Especially in the eyes of your parents.

    PS: This excludes my grandmom, who, no matter how skinny I become, always tells me that I have “put on weight”. Approval approval ! Sigh !

  8. robpixaday says:

    “You look FABULOUS!!!!!!!”

    That’s what I would say. Because you’re fabulous from the inside out. Big, little; gaining, losing…you’re fabulous.

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