Young Lives

A couple driving back home with the young children. The husband and wife fight about his driving; he drives faster. They run into a semi. Both the children suffer from severed spines- one is paralyzed below the waist, the other below her neck.

A much younger man with a pregnant girlfriend. A miner. His body is crushed in the mining accident. He will never father children again. He will probably always pee in a bag.

A young man riding his bike barely half a mile. He had a few beers and thought it was too short a distance for a helmet. He will never walk again.

Some accidents are acts of nature, others probably brought upon by the victims. The latter is much, much worse. There is no redemption, nowhere to go. The husband and wife are both in the ICU, both awake. She is not speaking to him.

Please be careful. Its worth your time.

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7 Responses to Young Lives

  1. rlbates says:

    I agree whole-heartedly!

  2. Pk says:

    A year ago, this month, a friends son in law, a new father with a 6 week old son, hopped on a motor cycle without a helmet. His wife begged him to 1) take the care and 2) if he must take his friends (new and uninsured) cycle please wear the helmet. He tore off down the road in a 35 mph zone at more than 60 mph. He hit a heavy spot of traffic and wove in and out of traffic. The police, investigating his death estimated he was going more than 70 at the time the bike careened out of control. Leaving behind a 27 year old wife and 6 week old son that would never get to know his Daddy.

  3. I agree……..well written!

  4. Emjay says:

    So much tragedy in just these 3 incidents; so much tragedy all around us through the actions of ourselves. We have a slogan in Oz: If you don't need a head; you don't need a helmet!

  5. Zotta says:

    Thanks for the warning. So the lesson is DON'T say if he's driving too fast?

  6. Scott says:

    Driving home the other day I saw a motorcyclist sprawled on the pavement of the Interstate, no helmet in sight. The news never reported whether he survived.

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