A brief note of thanks

A thank you to all my friends and neighbors who generously chipped in with advice and suggestions on how to improve my personal statement. I mean you, Leenda, Jaklumen, Amy, Lakshmi, Scott, Waterbaby, Oink(who appreciates fine thighs- I do, too), Aubrey and Vijay. It wasn't just the advice, but also that you took the time to post thoughtful, useful comments instead of just telling me to go back to school.

I hadn't expected so much good advice, but I should have. Lesson learned.

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About purplesque

Psychiatrist, cook, bookworm, photographer. Not necessarily in that order.
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10 Responses to A brief note of thanks

  1. AAAAACCCCCKKK I didn'r see this!!!!!!!! Gotta go look! I'm so SORRY!!!!!!!

  2. jaklumen says:

    You're welcome. I'm pleased that a year at an expensive private college was worth something– I think my skills were refined quite a bit when I was there.

  3. LeendaDLL says:

    that's what i love about vox – the interactive community!

  4. Emjay says:

    Oh – I'm sorry – I missed it too!!

  5. Purplesque says:

    Hey..don't worry about it. I was rushing things at the last moment and certainly wasn't expecting everyone to chip in- life is busy. I should know- really haven't been around the neighborhood like I'd like to.

  6. Purplesque says:

    Gosh, no- please- don't worry about it. I was in a rush, and certainly didn't wait too long, nor was I expecting as many responses as there were. ( I miss way too many posts in the neighborhood these days.)

  7. Now I feel terrible – I missed it! Too wrapped in my own issues and a continual battle to connect to Vox. So Sorry. I apologise from the depths of my Flamingo Dancer heart.

  8. Purplesque says:

    No, no, no, FD..I didn't mean it that way. I know how hard it is to say connected- struggling with it myself. Please don't think for a moment that you missed something important. I just wanted to say thank you to those who responded with well thought suggestions. There is nothing to ask forgiveness for. Lord, now I feel a bit of a doofus. 🙂

  9. I'm really sorry I've been so lackadaisical here and missed your very important post. Life happened. I do wish you the best of luck, and I'm really glad that a really caring person like you are applying for the fellowship.

  10. Purplesque says:

    Life happens, doesn't it? 🙂 I was only expecting a couple of editorial type hoodies (you know who you are-lol) to chip in. It was a little surprising, and very pleasing, to get all the good input, so I followed up with a little thank you. Thank you for the good wishes!

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