Meanwhile, the witch-hunt has begun. I have no use for it. I want my country back.

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4 Responses to Mumbai

  1. Waterbaby says:

    restful image during a crazy weekend holiday.

  2. Emjay says:

    It is not a safe world anymore, and that is very sad.

  3. Very interesting links: I like the Writers Against Terrorism blog. In the U.S. we don't hear the Indian perspective very often in the media, which is too bad since it is not only an economic powerhouse but a tremendous source of intellectual and cultural ideas as well.

  4. Zotta says:

    Purplesque, I am sorry and outraged that this happened; scared, too; as thepeople sought out for their western passports could easily have been me,in another life. Plus, ten attacks in one city is a terrible precedent, a terribleexample for other terrorists of how much devastation could be possible.Even though I never have been, I hear about India from friends and teachers;it is getting to be as though an American isn't educated anymore unlesss/he's been to India.We have a close friend who spent five months there and we took him to our localauthentic Indian restaurant which I usually avoid because it is so good I can't usually go without eating the whole nine yards: Lassi, Poori, Garlic Nan,and Korma or Curry with rice; but first, papadom); but I went(even though I felt fat after a weekend of nothign but meditating), because we wanted our guest to have a different experience than the Mexican place, also excellent, which we usually take him to because he likes the scene.Anyway, the India owner works very hard there, making mostly his own products, with the exception of a very few things: papadom, chutney, and one other thing; and the papadom is the best you can get, sent from India. Freshest I've ever tasted. Also his Indian artwork is stupendous. Next time I'll take a picture. So coming in, I old him, "Hi! This is our friend who went to India," and the twoof them hit it off like bandits. Our friend had been to almost all the provinces and knew enough to be able to engage this man somewhat deeply. Our host kept saying to Sven and me, "In India, every fifteen miles is a new experience!"My trip to India is I read Kim. But I have been worried about the India/Pakistanborder and Kashmir for years. This is all very dicey. My heart goes out to you.

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