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Psychiatrist, cook, bookworm, photographer. Not necessarily in that order.
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  1. Aubrey says:

    There's a place near by that serves a vegetable napoleon with polenta slices interspersed between the veggie layers. It's small and delicate, but will make a nice lunch with iced mint tea (faintly sweet with mint leaves stirred in).
    We must have a glass of absinthe together sometime, Purple.

  2. Purplesque says:

    The vegetable napoleon with polenta sounds like heaven. You're giving me ideas..I can't think of anyone else I'd rather share that glass of absinthe with. 🙂

  3. Bookmole says:

    OK. I am stumped. How can haggis be vegan? (Or have I got the wrong end of the stick here>) It is basically all the bits of sheep you would not want to look at, minced with oats and a hella lot of seasoning, then put into a sheep stomach. Boiled. Eaten with mashed potato and mashed neeps (turnips). Much as I like veggie alternatives, I cannot believe that there exists such a thing as a vegetarian haggis. It sorta spoils the whole idea.And I love haggis!

  4. jaklumen says:

    Yes, I was VERY confused as to the list, as some of these on the list… well, I don't know how they'd be prepared vegan. Not to mention– I don't follow a vegan diet, and so if I hadn't had them vegan, would it count? I will probably asterisk all the foods I haven't had veggie only.It also bears resemblance to this list, and… I was amazed my addition of "taco" made this modified one. I have yet to see a taco wagon offer a completely vegetarian/vegan taco, however. I also added the option of underlining foods I would like to try

  5. jaklumen says:

    Couple of notes– a green smoothie, if I remember my friends description correctly, is more or less homemade juice from a juicer, combining fruit and green vegetables.My entry is here.

  6. Karen Lynn says:

    97. Potato milkIsn't that vodka? lol

  7. [this is fascinating]I got all the way to #72 with only 6 "tries" — I don't know what a lot of the things are and many others I wouldn't try, probably, unless I was VERY hungry, etc.I have NO COURAGE when it comes to food. None at all. Hence my repetitive (and satisfying!!!!) reliance on Reeses- lol) But I'll keep an open mind, and if I see the things and can afford them and know what to do with them, I'll try them.Your recipes help with that, you know?

  8. Purplesque says:

    Ha ha..I suspect that is what they meant. Vegan versions of all the meat/dairy recipes. I'm game for trying those as long as they are not fake-meat parodies. They probably work for people who went from being omnivores to vegan, and miss their old favorites or family traditions.The idea of eating a sheep's unmentionables..may I just have the mashed potatoes and turnips instead? 🙂

  9. Purplesque says:

    You're right, I doubt I'd find a veggie taco cart here. Maybe in some vegan-friendly cities..I'm not vegan either, so I went ahead and marked dishes like mac-n-cheese, which I've had vegetarian but not vegan. The point of the meme seems to be sharing food facts and fun, so why not!

  10. Purplesque says:

    Ha it? Please say Vodka is not made from potatoes..

  11. Purplesque says:

    🙂 A is like that, too, and I've learned to work with it and introduce new things one at a time, in more or less familiar recipes. Sometimes I wonder if I'm being too pushy in trying to add more and more new things to our diet..but what is life without experimenting a bit? A couple of days ago I bought a jar of fermented whey without having any clue about what I'm going to do with it..lolYou made me very happy with that comment. Thank you!

  12. jaklumen says:

    I've had spinach burritos at a certain gavacho (white)- friendly Mex/Tex-Mex restaurant, but it would just seem so… out of place at a typical taco wagon.

  13. Oh, you're very welcome– :)but what is life without experimenting a bit? That's so true!! I guess I do the experiementing in other areas. Food seems so………risky? But I'll keep trying. Fermented whey? *wonders*

  14. Emjay says:

    I've had many of these but probably none done vegan style . LOL at #1 – I don't know what it is but your description certainly puts me off wanting to try it! (maybe I wouldn't want to even look at it!).

  15. Purplesque says:

    Trust me, it looks exactly like that. You've raised kids, surely you've seen lots of boogers. Here is a picture of natto. :)Natto is fermented soybeans, and supposed to be extremely healthy. But NOthing in this world would make me try it again.

  16. Fermented boogers?*runs*

  17. Emjay says:

    LOL!! I love the way this site is called "just hungry" – this does not make me feel hungry. Sorry I can't imbed on my laptop (user error!).

  18. O!I just looked at that……*shakes head* ..No, thank you.Maybe it's good/good for us, but it looks like in sci-fi movies when pod–people are emerging from that placenta-like goo that always envelops them……………gah………..

  19. Purplesque says:

    LOL ..I love your imagination, Robbbie!I bought three tubs of natto once (remember my experimenting ways?) I tried disguising the slime with soy, mustard, and finally hiding it inside rice, until A just got tired and threw it out. (I wasn't even offering it to him, just trying to get myself to down a mouthful.)

  20. Purplesque says:

    I'm not downing natto itself, just my perception of it. There are several foods that people from different cultures might find utterly gross, but are otherwise commonplace. ( Animal innards? Pig's snouts? Ant's eggs?) When I was young I hated frothy drinks because they reminded me of my dad's shaving foam. who knows I might be eating natto five years down the line, just not yet.

  21. lol — my mind gets me into all kinds of trouble!Your description of how you tried to disguise it gave me an idea: I never ate it myself, based on how awful my Mom said it was, but her Mom ate it all the time, and I'm wondering if you've ever had okra? It might have been a good way to "hide" the natttos. (and if it's been in one of your recipes that I read and commented on, feel free to thwack me) Ijust did a search, out of curiosity, for "slimy tropical vegetable" and got 55,000 hits — the first page being mostly OKRA.(good for A…)

  22. Emjay says:

    Oh certainly there are things that look gross which taste great. I would be game to try natto. Remember I'm the one who tried stinky tofu …LOL. I don't think there has been anything that I haven't been willing to try – oh, except things that have dessicated coconut on/in them because I can't stand coconut. LOL

  23. Purplesque says:

    LOL..I grew up eating okra, and I love it. Okra is slimy only if cooked improperly. I have several fool-proof recipes for slime-free okra, including a spice-stuffed masala okra fried on a cast iron griddle that is out of this world. My grandmother even made okra pickles!Simply put, if you can avoid too much contact between water and okra, there will be no slime. There are several ways to do it..either fry the okra first, or cook it in a wide open uncovered pan with minimal stirring.p.s. I don't have an okra post yet, but there's one in the coming. Be prepared!p.p.s. In India okra is called ladies' fingers..a more fanciful name, I think. 🙂

  24. Purplesque says:

    Oh, and aren't you the one that likes Limburger?You're a braver woman than I, Emjay. We should get together and have a weird-food-only Vox meet-up. Lol..I'll eat all the coconut cake.

  25. Ooops — Sorry…..I know only what I heard and imagined. My Mom told me that for breakfast (before school, when she was a kid) her Mother would plop a hot cast iron pot of okra onto the table — in globs, stuck to the sides and too slimy to maneuver. She also put it in soups. But my Grandmother wasn't known as a good cook; not even an adequate one. She was a good plant grower and cocheter. ladies fingers — that's so cool! and it is an attractive vegetable. I've seen it raw.Posts? OK! I'm all set!

  26. Wow, you made the list so much better than mine! I'm so happy to see it. You ate a lot of the food already! I'm envious. 🙂

  27. jaklumen says:

    I love okra!It's really good Southern (U.S.) style pan fried with corn meal.

  28. Karen Lynn says:

    Yeah it is…it is really made from potatoes. lol I joke with DH, that is his drink of choice, it is now termed as "potato juice" in our house.

  29. sylph says:

    I don't like fake substitutions. So if something can be made with whole natural ingredients without something that pretends to be something else, I'm okay with that. But I wouldn't seek them out specfically for that reason, as my belief in a whole foods diet kind of supercedes the idea.

  30. Purplesque says:

    I quite agree with you. That's part of the reason I don't like fake meats (the other being that I'm turned off by their looks and smell. I don't like the idea of eating meat, even if its fake.) On the other hand, I do make vegetarian versions of several foods that are traditionally made with meat, tacos being a case in point. Your comment reminded me, though, that I started adding vegetarian/vegan to my recipes a long time after I started posting. I still think of my cooking as just 'food'.Its not a cranky pedantic point, I think, but a valid, thought provoking one. Thank you for stopping by. 🙂

  31. sylph says:

    I always thought that if I didn't ever eat meat, I wouldn't want something that pretended to be either, so I can understand that. Personally, I like the flavor of meat more than the meat itself, but I wouldn't want it faked.

  32. Purplesque says:

    There's an idea…I'd love to do a list like that, except mine would be all vegetarian by default. Still..You had dal and palak paneer..where? Did you like em?

  33. sylph says:

    Hi. 🙂 Yes, those are probably on my list of favorites. I don't like spinach as much as I did for awhile there, but I also like it in a couple of Greek dishes. And I can eat lentils any way you want to give them to me!

  34. sylph says:

    You had dal and palak paneer..where? Oops. Er, I bought those packets that you heat. They are all natural and "authentic." But I live just a few blocks from a good Indian restaurant, for when we have extra money. 🙂

  35. Purplesque says:

    Some of those packets are quite good. I love the kadhi.Its great that you have access to good Indian food..the one Indian restaurant in this city is awful, and whenever an American friend tells me how much they love that food, I just want to quite my residency and open a diner. 🙂

  36. sylph says:

    I think the restaurant is pretty good, but friends tell me it was considered great before new owners bought it last year. This is the brand of instant food I've been trying, but they have a couple others, and some jars of sauce and various ingredients for making recipes. It's all nicely inexpensive until you go to buy the naan, which is 3 dollars for two pieces.

  37. Purplesque says:

    MTR is a pretty standard brand..I like their stuff. Packaged Indian food is terribly expensive if compared to the same food cooked at home, which is probably why I feel too guilty to buy it. :)As for naans, try the Deep frozen naans/tandoori roti/paranthas. They are about 4 bucks for 5, and re-heat very well in the oven/ on stove top.

  38. sylph says:

    Oh, frozen would be good. Thank you for the suggestion! I bet Wegman's has that, or maybe Whole Foods. The thing about making it all at home is that while the main ingredients only cost pennies, the seasonings that go into it are sometimes very expensive. But I plan to try more of it as the weather cools. I'm always looking for new ways to make fulfilling meals with little or no meat.

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