A semi-Moroccan meal

I made a chickpea curry for brunch yesterday (along with the English muffins; hubby craves salt post-call). In the afternoon, we threw some veggies in the oven. We roast vegetables All the time. They are delicious, versatile, and so sin-free. For supper, then, it was only natural to throw it all together with some couscous. This is my favorite way of cooking- when I can combine all the leftovers to make something new and clean out the fridge in the process.

Chickpea curry

– 1 and 1/2 cup dried chickpeas, soaked overnight
– 1 tbsp olive oil
– 1/4 tsp asfoetida (optional)
– 1 tsp cumin seeds
– 2 tsp powdered coriander seeds
– 1/2 tsp red chilli powder
– 1/4 tsp turmeric powder
– 1 tbsp ginger-green chilli paste
– 1 14 oz can diced tomatoes
– 1/2 tsp garam masala
– salt to taste
– cilantro for garnish

– Cook the soaked chickpeas in a pressure cooker ( twenty minutes after pressure builds up) or in a pan with 4 cups of water, and 1 tsp salt, until firm but cooked through. Canned chickpeas do not need to be cooked.
– Heat the oil in a sauce pan. Add the asfoetida, cumin, coriander seeds, chilli powder, turmeric (in that order) and wait till they sizzle.
– Add the ginger green chili paste and stir for a few seconds.
– Add the diced tomatoes, season, and bring it to a boil. Lower the heat and simmer for 3-4 minutes.
– Add the chickpeas with the cooking water and bring to a boil. Lower the heat, cover and simmer for ten minutes.
– Adjust seasoning. Garnish with cilantro and garam masala.
– Serve with yogurt, plain rice and flatbreads. This curry is quite similar to the Moroccan chickpea recipes I've seen, a great companion for couscous.

Roasted veggies (Ways to try yellow squash, for RD)-

– 4-6 yellow squash, thickly cut into half-moons (or zucchini, or broccoli, or cauliflower)

– a handful of baby carrots, cut into bite sized pieces

– 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

– 2 tbsp lemon juice

– 1/2 tsp each dried thyme and oregano

– salt and black pepper

– Pre-heat oven to 420 degrees.

– Toss all the ingredients together. Spread out on a baking tray lined with foil.

– Roast for about 30-40 minutes, until veggies start to brown a little bit.

– Serve over couscous, toss with pasta, add to a quesadilla, or make soup.

Pine-nut Cranberry Couscous-

– 2 cups couscous

– 1/4 cup pine nuts

– 1/4 cup dried cranberries (or golden raisins, or chopped dried apricots)

– 1 tbsp olive oil

– 3 cups vegetable stock, warm

– Juice and zest of two limes

– 1 tsp garam masala

– salt and black pepper to taste

– a handful of chopped fresh cilantro

– Heat oil in a Dutch oven.

– Add the pine nuts and saute until lightly browned.

– Then add the couscous and toast it for 3-4 minutes, stirring constantly.

– Add stock, salt and pepper, cranberries, lime juice and zest. Mix well, and bring the mixture to a boil. (Should happen very fast).

– Cover, and turn the heat off. Take the pan off the hot surface.

– Open after a minute, fluff with a fork, add garam masala and cilantro.

– Serve topped with the roasted veggies and chickpea curry.

It was so good. We'd gone out to see four One-act plays being performed by local theater companies as part of a city festival, and I surprised A by saying I wanted to go back home for dinner. Usually, I'm the one begging for a restaurant dinner. If you're reading this, dear hubby, I want you to come home with hummus from you-know-where. πŸ™‚


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31 Responses to A semi-Moroccan meal

  1. Emjay says:

    As usual – your food looks fabulous! I like the top photo best on the plain plate. How did you go in that recent food photo comp?

  2. Purplesque says:

    Me, too, Emjay, I wish I had some plain white round dishes with some texture. Ah, well, maybe after we move.The results are not out yet. They must be about to release a list of finalists. Then the voting begins, and winners are announced on the 5th of next month. Some of the entries are such stunners that I don't expect to win. There are always entries by professional photographers..it pushes me to think more, to try new stuff with the food and the camera. That's the fun part. (I've won only once, for a chocolate coated almond..:)

  3. YYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWso delicious-looking!! I ❀ those flavors!!And you always make the food gorgeous…Plays?BTW – -the top picture looks like a person's face — two eyes and a nose… and the tiniest hint of a mouth — I want to draw one on it!!!! — and the person is wearing a very festive hat, and leaning on a lime…….well, that's a little odd, but it would smell great..

  4. Emjay says:

    Well – I have just looked at all those photos and I think yours is the best! (I really liked your nut one too). BTW – did hubby come home with the hummus?

  5. Purplesque says:

    LMAO! I think I will see the person better once you draw on it. (If you want to; be my guest!)Plays..we saw two out of four, both written and produced locally. Catch and Release and Stuck Here With You. The second play was hilarious, a funny office comedy with a great cast of actors. A and I were the only two late-twenties formally dressed Asian couple in there..everybody else was white with gray hair, dressed in shorts (there was a Lot of purple.) It was funny. πŸ™‚

  6. Purplesque says:

    Thanks! I'm in love with the picture of the pineapple drink against a dark background.Hubby is on back-up call..left at 7 am and might not come home at all. Still, a girl can dream..

  7. Zotta says:

    That's creative cooking! Hope A. was OK. I find I can sleep better having thecat with me if Sven's not in bed when we're at home. If I'm away, I just nod off.

  8. Thank you! I scribbled on it and posted it for you –It's very silly!Hey those plays look good! WV? No kidding — are you in one of the drought areas? There are so many, south of here.

  9. Purplesque says:

    πŸ™‚ I'm not sure if I could sleep with a cat..I'd worry about rolling over it in my sleep! A is fine..he thrives on the work.

  10. Purplesque says:

    Ha ha..yes! Of all the towns in all the states in all the world..I don't think this is a drought area. There are at least two rivers and Lots of green..a five minute drive will take you straight into the lap of nature.

  11. Oh, that's good — droughts are so tough.

  12. Zotta says:

    I meant you, too; hope you were OK. Cat usually is OK; s/he'll tell you if you'rehurting him/her.

  13. Purplesque says:

    Yes..I love living here..we can smell the Green on our walks. Isn't that amazing? (Did you get the hedges all done?)

  14. Purplesque says:

    I'm good, Z, thanks. I like to do my 'solo' stuff when A is on call..read, blog, watch things like 'America's next top model' on TV..:)Animals are so adaptable, aren't they? When I used to sleep with my baby nephew, I'd be so scared of hurting him I used to try and sleep in an exact straight line..not easy! lol

  15. *whew* Just came inside. I was hand-clipping so it was tedious and buggy and I detest being hot and sweaty. And I HATE summer……..bleccccccch. And some little flying creature gnawed on my leg. Yes, I know that green smell. It's the only thing that makes these days of heat tolerable to me. Otherwise I'd opt for permafrost.haha — I'm going to go take a crackling cold shower now, and then eat my lunch — scrambled egg with a little cheese mixed in, sweet potato (naked) and some cabbage boiled in curry powder.Yum. See you later!

  16. The top photo is a lethal weapon! I love that photo. The colors and the lighting are just perfect. You should give me a couple of photography lessons as well as the food styling lessons. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the recipe again! I can't wait to start a Purplesque's food week.

  17. Zotta says:

    You slept with your baby nephew?! Jealous–but also very happy for you:)!

  18. Purplesque says:

    Ohh..I know the feeling. I'd take winter over summer any day!Lunch sounds good..blueberries and instant noodles at this end. (A is away at work, so I can be bad!)

  19. Purplesque says:

    Ha ha! Thank you, Singing Horse..all I know about food photography, I picked up here. A food week?! We could do a collaboration! πŸ˜€

  20. Purplesque says:

    I've been lucky enough to be there with both my nephews when they were toddlers..its the best time!! I've fed them and given them baths and read them stories and put them to sleep..and have them wake up and hug me. I am blessed. πŸ™‚

  21. Zotta says:

    I've been blessed with some of that kind of time, too.Sometimes I miss my two nieces and two nephews,

  22. Purplesque says:

    Oh, Z..I miss them too. For a while I couldn't even speak to my nephew in India on the phone without bursting into tears. You're right..at least we had the good times.

  23. julie says:

    Oooos and Ahhs over here! This dish is so purdy!

  24. bee says:

    oohh, that looks good. and easy. i used to get whole grain couscous in california. don't get it where i live now.

  25. Nyght says:

    Yum…looks like the perfect healthy, summertime dish. Thanks for giving me some menu ideas for this week!

  26. Purplesque says:

    Yes…I've been looking for whole grain couscous as well, haven't found it so far. Maybe online..

  27. chingching says:

    that looks………….amazing!!!! have you tried cooking couscous the traditional way?

  28. Purplesque says:

    You mean..in a tagine? No..there isn't enough space in my kitchen for one. Maybe someday..

  29. bb says:

    Yum! I'm going to be trying this soon!

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