Protein Powerhouse Pizza

The pizza for superheroes, mutant aliens, and working moms.

– Primo, make the pizza crust.
– Secundo, spread the crust with a pizza sauce- like this marinara.
– Tertio, top it with spoonfuls of basil tofu ricotta. (I used sage-tofu, mostly in response to the critical herb situation in my kitchen.)
– Quarto, sprinkle it with tempeh sausage crumbles and stud any remaining white areas with sliced olives.
– Quinto, bake it on a super hot pizza stone at 450 degrees for ten minutes.
– Sexto, eat.

Go save the world.

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About purplesque

Psychiatrist, cook, bookworm, photographer. Not necessarily in that order.
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7 Responses to Protein Powerhouse Pizza

  1. Aubrey says:

    I can't save the world. But this pizza can. This pizza – and kittens – can bring world peace.

  2. Emjay says:

    Looks good enough for "legal aliens" too! 🙂

  3. Lakshmi says:

    Hey, you want to switch jobs? I promise to relocate to the US, if you can be my chef.

  4. Purplesque says:

    I should put that up in my kitchen.

  5. Purplesque says:

    Oh, yes. The legal aliens devoured everything but a little bit of leftover tempeh. I plan to put that into a pita sandwich today…don't like to cook when A is on call.

  6. Purplesque says:

    If you relocate to the US, I promise to be your chef. I don't minding holding both jobs for now, but ask me again in five years..I might decide to quit psychiatry entirely and devote myself to food.Thats a reassuring thought.

  7. Wow, this is seriously therapeutical! When I can't sleep at night, I should just stare at this pizza. I think I can sleep on it and feel the paradise right there. Thank you so much for the wonderful photos!

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