Since A is on call and I have nothing to do with my life, I decided to entertain myself by taking pictures of the views from my window.

The sky this morning.

The view from my window right now. Using a slow shutter speed did not make much difference. 😦

And the lone unknown-berry-tree.

I should have eaten them before they got all snow-burnt, but we did not know what they were. I wanted to take the gathering-caveman approach and eat them anyway, but my husband thought it wasn't funny. Ah, well. Maybe next year.

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Psychiatrist, cook, bookworm, photographer. Not necessarily in that order.
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15 Responses to Snow!

  1. Karen Lynn says:

    Some of those berries are deadly! Don't eat them unless you know what they are for sure. (sorry for mothering you) lolGreat pictures! Do you live out east too?

  2. Purplesque says:

    Sigh..thats what A said. You all are no fun. :)Yes'm. It' still snowing and there are Huge gusts of wind blowing the snow here and there..wish I could take a picture to do this justice. I'm guessing this is called a snowstorm.I thought you'd be in Surgery by now..?

  3. Karen Lynn says:

    I'm done! Surgery was yesterday morning at 7:00. I've had 2 pt sessions already and walking even!! Hurts like the dickens though. I have to sit up in a chair for an hour after pt, so DH brought me the laptop so I can blog and keep up with my neighbors!And yes, that would be called a snowstorm :))

  4. Purplesque says:

    Wow!! You had knee surgery yesterday and are back on Vox today..thats what I call brave! The pain must be awful..but now you're on the way to recovery, and it can only get better from here. πŸ™‚

  5. 8gurl says:

    Great pics. We had the same idea this morning. No don't eat the berries! Some of them can kill ya!

  6. ah! i'm jealous of your snow. we only got rain today.

  7. Purplesque says:

    Drat..back to the frozen section for smoothie supplies, then. πŸ™‚

  8. Purplesque says:

    I like snow if I get to sit inside, drink hot chocolate and watch it fall. Having to clean it off my car the next morning=not fun.

  9. I am jealous of your view…

  10. Emjay says:

    I have to tell you that the snow in America looks so much nicer from over here in Oz!!! You do have a really nice view from your window – and you should not eat the berries without properly identifying what they are! (I hope you feel told!) πŸ™‚

  11. Purplesque says:

    I do feel berry supply must come from the grocery store, it seems like!

  12. Purplesque says:

    There were tiny red ones, now they've turned black. They looked like sort-of-but-not-quite raspberries. I feel incredibly stupid saying this, but I did taste was delicious. Maybe I'm still alive coz A made me spit it out. I won't eat anymore, but will definitely take pictures when the berries come back! (Now I feel like a seven year old caught being naughty!!)

  13. Not stupid! Just enthusiastic!Someone once told me that the prettier the berry, the more likely it is to be toxic to some degree (to people). I thought it was very clever at the time (love will do that…heh) but I don't know if there's any science behind it. There are some GORGEOUS berries that will hurt US but don't bother birds– little red ones…..they don't look anything like raspberries though (*whew*).Sounds like an internet exploration on berries coming up?

  14. Purplesque says:

    Oh, yes..I've made another helpful search on the internet that should come up as a blog post soon!Someone said, we don't fall in love with attractive/clever people, people seem attractive/clever because we are in love with them! So true..

  15. oh, yes— very very true!

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