The perfect pizza stone

Okay, here's the truth. I'm a cheapskate. The only reason I ever buy expensive stuff ( my griddler comes to mind) is if I believe it will actually be cheaper in the long run, last forever and save me money and energy by requiring less maintenance.

So I will buy an pricey food processor. But, a fifty-buck baking stone? Stones should be cheap. And last forever. And make a mean pizza.

If I find a stone like that, I'll marry it.

In the meanwhile, research suggested quarry tiles. Yep, for making the perfect pizza..

Everyone from Julia Child to Alton Brown to Isa Chandra Moskowitz swear by them. I don't know about Ms. Child, but Isa?

This had to work.

We bought a box full of 6 by 6 unglazed quarry tiles at Home Depot for 11 bucks.

Voila! Absolutely the crispiest crust Ever.

Next time, a little less broccoli.

P.s. I just realized I'm slowly becoming a vegan (rather than plain ol vegetarian) because the damn recipes are so good!!

Devious, I tell you.

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16 Responses to The perfect pizza stone

  1. Wow, this is neat! Quarry tiles, I'll have to try this method. I've been hesitant about buying a pizza stone. I know it's essential for good oven baking. Now I found the perfect solution. And your pizza just looks irresistible! I mean, the colors are incredible!

  2. Aubrey says:

    "a little less broccoli"? Well, that could be said for most things. Is it a broccoli-artichoke hearts-olive topping? Anything else? It could make an interesting salad.
    Also – I've had the oddest craving for brussel sprouts. I plan to saute some with olive oil, balsamic vinegar – and then throw in some pecans. This is strictly experimental.

  3. Purplesque says:

    Likewise..I'd been waiting for so long for a baking stone to go on sale. Quarry tiles seem to a safe, definitely effective option.

  4. Purplesque says:

    Oh, I love brussel sprouts. You idea sounds you like it when the outer skin gets almost charred?I like broccoli, especially when roasted/baked. Last night, though, the pizza cooked so fast it sort of stayed half-raw, which I didn't like. You're right about the toppings, plus I made a tomato-sundried tomato sauce and tofu-basil ricotta.

  5. Lakshmi says:

    I am weird – I actually love broccoli in all forms – raw, well-cooked, rare, medium rare…And as ever, yummmmm……

  6. Aubrey says:

    Charred? Yes. I must have all foods well-done; I'm not a vegetarian, so for any meat I have, that applies too. Excessively so.
    If you cook vegetables long enough in a little butter or oil they become carmelized – then I think any vegetable, even broccoli, would be more than acceptable.

  7. Purplesque says:

    Thank you..I like broccoli raw and I like it cooked, but half-cooked on a pizza..not especially.Maybe I should try it rare the next time..:)

  8. Purplesque says:

    Agree with you on the caramelizing thing..I find it easier to do in the oven.

  9. Karen Lynn says:

    55 dollars for a stone? yikes…i don't think i even paid that for the one i got from pampered chef! (said stone was left with the ex when we split). the replacement model i got at bed bath and beyond wasn't that much either! I love the quarry tile idea, but i've got a stone!Next time, try microwaving the broccoli for a minute before putting on the pizza, that should help :))

  10. Purplesque says:

    Just found the cutest pampered chef stone on ebay for 10 bucks..always a day too late! Ah, well.I have Lots of broccoli in the fridge. It is going to get zapped and sauteed and roasted and pureed. Pictures will probably follow.

  11. Karen Lynn says:

    Ahh, I'm usually a day late and a dollar short too. Don't forget, you mustn't wash your stones with soap. Ever. ;-)(you probably knew that, you're the chef) lolol

  12. Fabulous idea! Wowee!And if you decide to lessen the broccoli amount, feel free to leave the "extras" on one of my posts. Yum, broccoli…..That pizza looks like a picture for a pizza cookbook.

  13. Purplesque says:

    :DHubby insisted that I had photoshopped the picture, until I showed him the real thing.

  14. It really is stunning. How many pixels is it? It might make a tasty banner….

  15. Purplesque says:

    Probably more than 920..but I'm sure I could resize it..thanks!!!

  16. You're welcome – it's such a dee-lish picture!

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