Vietnamese Rolls

A little taste of summer in the winter.

I wanted to take pictures. The rolls didn't cooperate much in the beginning.

Here's the first one.

Later in the evening, when I made the rolls for eating versus photo-ops, they turned out plump and juicy-looking. This time, I'd just grated the veggies and simply thrown them on the wrapper.


Vietnamese rice paper wraps, 8" wide
1 daikon radish, julienned
2 carrots, julienned
A small bunch of chives
Lettuce of your choice (I used the spring mix)
Small bunch cilantro, chopped
Small bunch mint, chopped

– Assemble all the veggies in close range.
– Dip one paper wrap in warm water and lay down on a work surface.
– Layer the vegetables close to the bottom edge.
– Roll up quickly, tucking in the sides.
– Tie up with a chive if you like.
– Cut in two with a sharp knife.
– Repeat with other wraps.
– Serve with crushed peanut and lime vinaigrette. I omitted the fish sauce.

Others options for the stuffing- julienned cucumber, sprouts, rice vermicelli, slivered red peppers..

So, what do you all think? Which picture for my entry?

Addendum: The pic on top goes to CLICK at Jugalbandi for the theme 'flour' and the recipe to fatfreevegan for the theme 'vegetable love'. I couldn't resist!

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22 Responses to Vietnamese Rolls

  1. Bookmole says:

    I prefer the top one – the bottom one seems to be full of very orange carrots. They are both making me feel hungry, though – and I have already had lunch…

  2. Karen Lynn says:

    Definitely the top one gf. You are far too critical of your pictures! I can just about taste your food photo's.

  3. Lakshmi says:

    Top for me too. But the bottom one makes me salivate too.

  4. They both look deeeeeeeee-licious. But I like the asymetrical compostion of the top one. Looks like it's trying to say something…!

  5. Olivia says:

    I love both of the photos! The second one looks fun and delicious. The first looks sophisticated and elegant. Too tough to choose!!

  6. Emjay says:

    The bottom one makes me hungry!! As already mentioned the top one is classier and elegant looking.

  7. Top one has a feeling of freshness into it, not that second one looks bad. But the lights and presence of leaves on first one bring out a better effect. Since everybody here seems to suggest it, What are your thoughts?

  8. Purplesque says:

    You're right. I was short on radish and had a bag full of carrots, hence..thank you!

  9. Purplesque says:

    Thank you! I like the top one too, just wish the rolls had more 'meat' in them, figuratively speaking.

  10. Purplesque says:

    Duly noted. Thanks!

  11. Purplesque says:

    Thank you..thats true diplomacy!

  12. Purplesque says:

    Thank you..the top one it is!

  13. Purplesque says:

    The light effect in the first one is better, but maybe its just that I love potlis. I was planning to build a little row of potlis initially, but the chives were too stiff. So this seems like a unanimous decision.

  14. bee says:

    i so love these. how do you make them? just moisten the wraps and stuff them?

  15. Purplesque says:

    Yep..easy as pie, except when you're trying to take pictures. šŸ™‚ Full recipe here. I dipped wraps in warm water and used carrots, daikon, lettuce, mint and cilantro for stuffing. The peanut lime vinaigrette in the recipe above simply rocks.p.s. I had these in my head since the day the new ingredient was announced; it was getting to be an obsession!

  16. Lynne says:

    How lovely-great color combinations.

  17. SusanV says:

    I think they're both gorgeous because I can imagine how good they'll taste.

  18. SusanV says:

    (end of message cut off) Thanks for entering them in Vegetable Love!

  19. Purplesque says:

    Thank you..I wasn't sure if they'd qualify, but I love the theme!

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