Sweet thing

The first time I ate mamoul was when my sister brought them home from the middle eastern store for me to try. I took one bite and almost swooned. They tasted of gulkand!

Gulkand is an Ayurvedic preparation of rose petals and sugar, extremely delicious (think rose petal jam) and used as a home remedy for several problems. It is also used as a filling in sweet paan, a betel leaf digestive/delicacy offered to guests and sold at every corner cigarette shop in India.

Those mamouls were not stuffed with gulkand, though. They were stuffed with dates flavored with rose water. I'm not a big fan of dates, currants, raisins and other such gooey fruits, and a stick of quince paste seemed like a perfect fit for mamoul. I added walnuts and rose water, and voila! The same gulkand taste. I also found the perfect recipe at a favorite food blog, and the wooden mold at the International store. This was a recipe begging to be made.

They turned out real well, thought the dough was quite crumbly. A slight decreased in the semolina-flour ratio the next time might take care of that. For now, I plan to stay in this mamoul-induced coma for a while.

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Psychiatrist, cook, bookworm, photographer. Not necessarily in that order.
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14 Responses to Sweet thing

  1. thank you for your kind words. when i found your blog i loved how you were able to balance your interests (ie culinary, photography, etc) with residency. i also liked your writing and your sensitivity to the world we live in …not a lot of physicians are like that. 🙂

  2. Purplesque says:

    Thank you, that means a lot to me, especially coming from a fellow slave. 🙂 I try consciously not to let the physician overtake the person. Sometimes its an effort.

  3. Zotta says:

    You're a doctor and have time to do this blog and also cook?I am in awe and we are blessed with your presence.

  4. Purplesque says:

    Lmao..Zotta, I'm one of the lazier people I know. Its just that my residency is much lighter than it was a year ago, and A's hours are much longer, so I have a good bit of free time on my hands.

  5. Zotta says:

    Well, I'm glad it's lighter. Residents have been working too many hours.

  6. Karen Lynn says:

    :::runs over to purples house for one bite:::::you sure have my interest peaked to try some different recipes!(excellent photos!!)

  7. Purplesque says:

    Thank you..one of the things I love about these United States is that you can get a variety of ingredients for anything you could possibly want to make..such freedom! I occasionally dance in my kitchen with a spatula in one hand and a cookbook in the other..

    I need to go back to bed. 🙂

  8. Karen Lynn says:

    have a little warm milk before you go back to sleep, maybe it will help with the dreams :))

  9. Purplesque says:

    There! I knew the warm and fuzzy mother in you was lurking in there, waiting to come out! [Insert appropriate accusing glare]

  10. bee says:

    those are seriously sexy!!!

  11. Purplesque says:

    Thank you..been waiting to make these for months!

  12. Karen Lynn says:

    Its hard to hold the "mom" back. I wanted to type the milk suggestion right after I read your dream, but thought, nah…you sound like a mom. And, just like a Mom, it came out anyway. LOLsweet dreams :))

  13. Purplesque says:

    Mothering is an essential part of being a good friend.[ .. thought it would not look like something I just made up if I put it in italics.]I have been accused of mothering myself, though never by hubby, thank God. 🙂

  14. Karen Lynn says:

    (I love the quote, its going on my fridge. err, maybe my daughters fridge)oh god, i mother my hubby…just wait, it comes. :))there are much worse names than Mother you or anyone could call me, lolGO TO BED!

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