Vox Hunt: The Anthem of My Life

Audio: Share your life anthem.

It is Very hard to find a video of my life anthem. There's an audio clip here.

It is a sufi ghazal by Begum Abida Parveen, and this is the first couplet-

Yaar ko hamne ja ba ja dekha
Kahin zaahir kahin chhupa dekha

( I saw my beloved* everywhere,
Sometimes obvious, sometimes hidden)

* the beloved in this context being God

I don't claim to have much understanding about the sufi way, and this wiki can confuse you further. But these words have carried me through the hardest times in my life, and they still do.

Argh..moments like these, I wish I could write.

As a more interesting aside, I got this couplet tattooed on my ankle a year ago, and it got horribly inflamed and yucky. I had to keep it exposed, and it was the best conversation starter ever. Complete strangers would come up to me, ask where I got the tattoo, what it meant, how much did it itch, and offer home remedies.

 It was good while it lasted.

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