Learning how to take pictures

A few months ago, for lack of better things to do, I started to take pictures of food. Cooking is the perfect exercise in self indulgence. First, you have the pleasure of cooking itself- the buying of ingredients, the planning, doing things, waiting. Then, you get to feed people. Then, if its your lucky day, you get empty plates and satisfied groans. Or belches.

So its only natural that we take it one step further.

We'd bought the Nikon D40 for hubby, really. But over the last couple of months, its mostly being used to take pictures of our dinner and posting it on the blog. And if thats not enough ego-stroking, I can always email the pictures to my mother, who will invariably respond with the right kind of oohs and aahs.

I love you, ma.

However, try taking pictures of food for any amount of time and you'll realize a few things.

– The human back was not meant for precise 147.5 degree angulation.
– You have only One spine.
– Shakographs do not look well when zoomed to 150 percent.
– There's a lot more to it than point-and-shoot. People get paid to do this, okay?

So we bought a tripod. This time, there was no pretense that it was for hubby.

And I'm going to read the manual, this time.

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About purplesque

Psychiatrist, cook, bookworm, photographer. Not necessarily in that order.
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3 Responses to Learning how to take pictures

  1. bee says:

    i thought the tripod was a useless pain in the butt until i started using one. it's totally worth it.

  2. Lakshmi says:

    And it seems you have been putting it to good use. Appetizing pictures, I should say.

  3. Purplesque says:

    Thank you! I've only used the tripod once so far, but it does eliminate the shaking. Hopefully will get a chance to take pictures of things other than food this weekend,

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