Sunday Morning Ramble

A good start to a nasty day. So far, I only have one new consult to see. The family medicine resident who was on call yesterday told me there were no follow ups. She also told me I was the nicest person she'd met so far, and she'd been assured of my delightfulness by her previous pediatric compatriots. This is the fourth report I've received of how much the people in Pediatrics love me. I loved them too; they were more efficient, more organized, and there was a LOT more teaching going on. The outpatient chief offered me a residency if I wanted. Tempting.

The problem is, I love Psychiatry. I may not like the work environment as much as I used to, but I still like what I do. I might have to do a lot more self studying to get by in this place, but thats only for residency. And they have a lot more therapy, some good research, and a couple of great attendings. If only I can find the self discipline to put away a couple of hours every day for studying, which I easily can. There's a lot more time at home, there being no mandatory 8 to 5 rule. There is less work, home is five minutes away, and A is much, much busier than I am. Then why can I not study?

This is shameful  to admit, but I've always been proud of my ability to get by with much less work, getting similar/better results than others. However, I might have gone too far to the other extreme; if my standards are met so easily, I should raise my standards, no?

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