QotD: Nom Nom Nom

What's your favorite kind of homemade cookie?  Share the recipe if you have it.

Chewy chocolate chocolate chip cookies from this recipe at the Post Punk Kitchen by Isa Chandra Moskowitz. I am not a big cookie maker, but I took these to work and people loved them!

Isa is super-cool because of several reasons:

– She cooks vegan food that does not taste 'vegan' (i.e. bland, crumbly, weird, not-like-the-real-thing). It tastes like what it is, absolutely yummy.

– If you've tried several recipes from several cooks/authors, you know that there are some people that click with your personal style, and some don't. She does.

– Used to vegetarian/vegan stovetop cooking, I was still not very comfortable with vegetarian/vegan baking. Thats where Isa simply Rocks. She's the queen of vegan baking. Her recipes Always work.

– She's punk, she's cool, and I'd rather have her in my kitchen than any snooty chef with more pretensions than cookery tricks up their sleeves.

– Scrambled tofu. Q.E.D.

Check out her website at theppk.com. There are recipes, reviews, her blog, and a public access vegan cooking show.

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