Continuing someone else’s rant

Read this.

Here are some reactions I get as a won't-eat-eggs-if-I-can-see-them vegetarian.
Are you Allergic? (Only to idiots.)
Oh my GOD, you must be so healthy! (Yes, I am; I got my antioxidant levels checked, and they were through the roof.)
If I was a vegetarian, I'd lose twenty pounds! ( Well, more power to you. I'm a FAT vegetarian. Go figure.)
Really? Would you like some fish? (Fish are NOT vegetable. Go back to school.)
You mean you don't eat ANYthing? (No, I eat grains and vegetables and fruits and milk and soy and cheese and I will eat cake, if its good, thank you.)
Were you born that way? (No, I was born naked.)

What I truly hate, though, is the moronic oblivious look most restaurant people get on their faces if you ask whether something is vegetarian or not. I mean, if you're serving the same thirty things 365 days a year, is it too much to expect that you know whats inside? ( I LOVE Panera, with their ingredient guide that they're more than happy to let you look through.)

Off to the ER.

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Psychiatrist, cook, bookworm, photographer. Not necessarily in that order.
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One Response to Continuing someone else’s rant

  1. bee says:

    i like to piss such people off.

    retard: "would you like some fish?"
    me: you asked if i would like some fish?
    retard: yeah.
    me: stare. maybe, no, wait, i don't think so. waste their time, ask repetitive and stupid counterquestions, and piss them off. i give up with restaurant staff, though. they are too too stupid. we don't have panera where we live.

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