One more time..

So I have this Danish online friend that I've known for nine years. We met on yahoo, graduated to msn, and talked our way through school (him- journalism, I -medschool), relationships (his and mine-both with unsuitable independent people, both failed), marriage (mine- he was pissed off- you're not supposed to get married!), and other growing up stuff. I kept inviting him to come to India, he kept insisting I specialize in the Denmark (what has the US got to offer you?)

I came to the US anyway. And now he is in Kerala, doing a volunteer project for an NGO. He's landed in a small village a few miles away from the big city, where the food is Bad (he claims- fish and rice; everything is white and polished!), there are very few people to talk to, and the various religious groups seem to be carrying out a Noise vendetta. (They play vile pop music on loudspeakers!) Getting a beer is akin to an undercover smuggling operation, and talking to women is frowned upon. He's been asking me to call him (I NEED someone to talk to!) and so I did. We talked for almost 40 minutes on the phone, exchanging our views on India and the US, people everywhere, and language. He told me he doesn't approve of elephants in the street. I told him to get some multivitamins.

I'm thankful for old friendships.

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