Reasons I Lurve the International Store

There's a charming American girl at the counter who hasn't a clue. This is how it goes. I wander about, picking up interesting looking things. Spying a bunch of good looking greens with yellow flowers, I pick it up and take it to her.
'Hey, is this yu choy?'
'I really don't know, let me call M.'
She dials. 'Hey M, I have these greens here with a solid stem, big green leaves and yellow flowers.'
Another customer interjects, 'This must be mustard, dear.' I nod noncommittally.
Thankfully, M confirms the identity of the rogue veggie. We're not so lucky with another bunch, which has 'hollow stems and curly fronds.' Long distance diagnostics fail. I return the veggie to its crate, though I'm tempted to take it home and just experiment.

It Is fun, though. Mostly people help each other out (I help a gentleman convert kilos into pounds- he's buying clams) and they carry All sorts of cool fresh veggies- including bitter gourd, fresh methi, lauki and tori. They also carry weirder stuff I like to play with- bean curd sheets/sticks, ten varieties of seaweed, sugarcane candy( quite like jaggery), canned lychees..all in the same place.

Indian-style Yu Choy

2 bunches yu choy
1 tbsp mustard oil
1 tsp mustard seeds
1 tsp cumin seeds
2 whole dried red chillies
1 tbsp lemon juice

– Wash the yu choy well and coarsely chop, stems and all.
– Heat oil in a saute pan. Temper with mustard seeds, cumin, red chillies.
– When the spices start to sizzle and change color, add the yu choy. Saute for two minutes.
– Add salt to taste, cover and let it steam for a couple of minutes.
– Add lemon juice. Serve with rice
– It looks gorgeous and green. I was too lazy to take a picture..

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