Fall colors

Here's a picture of the hills taken from the Mall's garage yesterday.

Today, inspired by my favorite blog, I decided to make almond brittle as a Thanksgiving gift for friends we're planning to visit. Having made peanut chikki by the kilo as a child, I foresaw no problems in this little exercise.

1. Add 2 cups of sugar to the pan.
2. Add a little bit of water to prevent the caramel from burning.
3. Stir. Keep on stirring. Wonder what happened. Check the box to see you used sugar and not salt. Cuss at the sugar. Cuss at yourself. Keep stirring.
4. Instead of caramel, watch the sugar solution bubble until it turns right BACK into dried sugar.
5. Don't cry; you're not seven anymore.
On analysis, I suspect that I added too much water. Instead of melting, the sugar just kept on trying to dissolve into the water. This comes from forgetting your basic chemistry.
6. Try again with new pan and more sugar. No water this time.

The friends get the squares. We get to eat all the uneven bits at the edge with the extra caramel.

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Psychiatrist, cook, bookworm, photographer. Not necessarily in that order.
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One Response to Fall colors

  1. Bookmole says:

    Found you on the TIG page – it was comment no 5 that made me snort.

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