Rhubarb-Berry Smoothie

My foray into the American vegetable market remains confined to zucchini, various peppers, mushrooms, and greens. Over the weekend, I decided to be adventurous and picked up some red stalks that looked interesting. At the check out counter, I discovered these were not chard, like I'd hoped, but Rhubarb. 'Chard has leaves, dear', said the check out lady.
Oh, well.
The taste reminds me of the very Indian karaunda.I spent several summer vacations at my Nani's eating the raw fruit with salt, or digging into the pickled version.

Take about 2 cups of chopped rhubarb, 2 tbsp of orange juice, 2 tbsp of honey and heat in a non-reactive pan. Then add a cup of strawberries/blueberries and let the whole thing stew for 5 minutes. I like to add some lime zest/cinnamon. This is your base. Now you can-
1. Use it as a compote, with icecream/whipped cream.
2. Use about half a cup of the base with a cup of low fat yogurt and ice to make a smoothie.
3. Use it as a sauce over pancakes.
4. Use it like a sweet and sour chutney, with paranthas.

I wonder what a rhubarb salad dressing would be like.

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