Harry Potter

Took me three days to finish it..darned weekdays. It was good. It was gripping. It had little twists and turns. It didn't try to tax the brain too much. It had three, maybe four 'effings' and a 'snogging'. ( I really dont think children a generation down will be saying 'snogging'. Do they say it now? Maybe in Scotland. ) The epilogue was So reminiscent of Bollywood movies, where the hero and heroine are shown doing the balancing act with their little pappus ten years down the line.
Now I can get back to Sam Vimes.

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Psychiatrist, cook, bookworm, photographer. Not necessarily in that order.
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One Response to Harry Potter

  1. They say snogging in Australia! Have been doing so since I was a kid and I expect they'll be saying it in another fifty years!I enjoyed the book too. The part I liked about the epilogue was that it was all about family – which is essentially what the series was about.

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