So we moved to a different state. Found a too-new apartment, where some of the light-bulbs and power points are still hanging loose. The carpet is ugly, but the kitchen is gorgeous. The medstudents are noisy, but its two blocks from the main hospital. It has sexy stone work on the outside, and a fake wood-finish living room floor. I love it. And its gloriously empty, since the boxes are mostly unpacked, but the furniture has not arrived yet. I play music on Pandora, and it echoes slightly.

I feel like cooking. Life is too short to not celebrate. Might have to go to Kroger to get dry yeast and breadflour. Its a crusty bread and soup kinda day. Pity A has to work on a was so good to sit down and have dinner together, even if it was just aloo-tamatar and store-bought naans. He wanted me to go see the fireworks up on the hill, all by myself. I would, except this place is still new and strange and I'm not sure about going out alone.

So, we shall play music, enjoy the feel of this place, cook, take pictures to post on facebook, dream.

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Psychiatrist, cook, bookworm, photographer. Not necessarily in that order.
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One Response to Changes

  1. Zotta says:

    Congrats! Have a nice settling in!

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